Thursday, November 27, 2008

make pretend

i fell asleep with your arms around me
it isn't real
it couldn't be
but here we are

At 4.12.08, Blogger nutshell-kit said...


thank you for making me smile early in the morning :)

hope thesis is behaving today


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Monday, November 24, 2008

dance me to the end of love

i know you make every girl you dance with feel special
i try to do that too
but that moment we saw each other's true self
body, mind and soul inseparable
a moment unforgettable and irreplicable
and so i thank you
from the depth of being

Monday, November 17, 2008

bigger and smaller cages

most of us are playing small
how is it that we build these cities in the large wilderness
and then replace it by small oases?

(i will miss the hills if i go)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

What do you mean you can't do anything further (Balmedie)

Downing St. 10: While the Government can appreciate there are many who have strong feelings and concerns about this latest proposal, we are unable to comment on the relevant decisions on planning and development, which are the responsibility of the Devolved Administration in Scotland. You can find details of how to contact the Devolved Administration at

Menie Scotland -> Outcome of petition to Scottish gov.

Planning Applications (PE1101)

The Convener: PE1101, by David Milne, calls on the Parliament to urge the Government to ensure that all relevant planning policies and guidance are adhered to and to consider the circumstances under which Scottish ministers instruct local inquiries when planning applications, such as that for a housing and golf development at Balmedie, are considered.

The issue has prompted much public discussion, and it has been discussed in another parliamentary committee. Do members have any views on the petition?

Nanette Milne: I declare an interest, in that I have publicly expressed support for the petition. Beyond that, I think that the issue has been aired significantly both inside and outside the Parliament, and I question whether the committee can do anything further. I therefore suggest that we close the petition—if it is in order for me to do so, having said that I have an interest in the matter.

The Convener: Okay. We will close the petition on the basis that a more appropriate committee has had a chance to explore the detail of the issues that it raises, although I understand that that committee arrived at a firm set of conclusions that not everybody was happy with.

Friday, November 14, 2008

funny that

funny how of all the people
you would be the one to draw me a sheep
i forgot why i was so drawn to you
now i remember
more frustrating than painful
why you of all people
but i'm glad you are beautiful still
not everything is lost

Monday, November 10, 2008

the most important things i learned doing a phd

(not complete or structured)

not only that it isn't enough to love someone
but that sometimes there are things you need that someone who loves you cannot give you

when you are not sure sometimes it is better to choose something and just keep moving

home is a state of mind

rewards are not in proportion to effort - sometimes there is no relation

balance between work and play is vital
as is between body and mind

procrastination and fear of insufficiency are often related


n: i know the destination, if only i knew the path
k: i know the path, if only i knew the destination
n: maybe we should exchange forces
k: i thought we already are

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


financial, global
not to belittle the situation
but when talented people with tenure and 20+ years loyalty
are being made redundant
could you please forgive me for being a bit afraid of the dark?

can i still afford to dream?
and how big?

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

On proximity

there is a fine line between independence and proximity
in life there are friends who are too close
and those that are too far
it is the nature of the relationship
it is the nature of the people

some people listen better than others
and others give so much
social lubricant is a delicate art, is mastered by few
other people call it small talk and treat it with disdain

just like some people can apologize to smooth things over
and others will not take responsibility unless fault is attributed


people who stay live differently
from people who plan to leave
they speak differently
they make friends differently
there is time to build things
to mold to shape to add to change to build up
like building a home
except with people

home is a feeling
not a place
so perhaps stability too is an attitude (in part)