Saturday, December 26, 2009

Samma Ajiva, the right livelihood

(in so many other ways, but also)
to be young enough to be able to make the choice
and wise enough to know which path to choose

funny how the philosophical meanderings can become such concrete options sometimes.

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Being a global nomad

... it took me 6 months to buy plates, and only because it bothered someone i was dating that we were eating out of bowls.
... i might never buy curtains
... football/hockey/baseball teams etc? *shrug*
... for every purchase there is always the counter question of whether i would bring it along for the next move
... my sugar is still kept in an asparagus jar
... i normally have 4 kinds of teas and two kinds of coffees, for guests as much as myself because it makes me feel at home
... i don't want to do the goodbyes again, but that is no doubt the nature of the beast....