Monday, September 29, 2008

sing or swim

i liked the concept that the birth of new species
may be equivalent to places in the aboriginal songlines
and if evolution moves in leaps rather than linear progression
if cold and dry weather was what made our frontal lobes grow
and if this is what is likely to happen when the gulf stream changes
will we see another leap in human evolution?
maybe this will push us toward
this well needed change rather than devour us
i still don't think it's going to be easy
but maybe humanity will still find grace
if the ice caps formed via salination (fifty-degree below)
it could be done again and
that would also give us more drinking water
somebody must have looked into that

metaphors and alternative worlds

what if everything in the world is a metaphor for something else? (il postino)
reminds me of calvino's "invisible cities" (excerpts) what is more real in the end, the symbol or the artifact it represents? and as we all have our own private metaphors, does not the beauty of the plethora of alternative views astound?

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

dreams and empowerment

is it really a question of empowerment
in the heist
derren brown shows just how empowerment can go wrong
and is it not things like "the secret"
which make many people crash in middle age
when they realize they are not gods
and malleable by wind and whims
or create a sense of unjustified superiority
though if you think you have more to gamble with
your odds do increase
so many wise clever people working hard just to crash and burn
sometimes because they do not make enough noise
but mostly just because

dave matthews sings:
Making plans to change the world
While the world is changing us...

(unpredictable is what life is)

now being older, i am ok not working for development or ngos
because i've heard more stories from the inside
(how can we ever know in advance what will make us happy?)
but we cannot, should not, stop dreaming and aspiring
and hoping that
maybe we can shift some small mountain.

and maybe just maybe
i'll be lucky enough to change the world through my profession

*keeps dreaming*

At 13.9.08, Anonymous nutshell-kit said...

you gonna stay with the research then, nomad?

are you afraid of burning out?

i guess you need other things in your life than just the ethical rage, but i suppose it is a good start. ;-)


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