Saturday, July 26, 2008

The rising price of milk

I didn't know farmers couldn't live off milk anymore.



Out of nowhere she asks what our dream job would be. Disregarding feasibility, only with the heart. She said she'd watch hedgehogs (or was it guinea pigs) out in the country. I'd still be a dancer. Some things take less time to change. She also said high school kids think everything is possible. I never thought I lost the ability. But Nutshell is right when she says that decisions inevitably close some doors. When will I stop living for others. I didn't believe what Gypsy said when she said there was nothing that couldn't be undone, but I wished I understood what she meant.


Do children really have more energy, or have we learned the art of slow release?

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Van Gogh

"I am a man of passions, capable of doing foolish things, speak and act too quickly when it would have been better to wait patiently. This being the case, must I consider myself a dangerous man, incapable of doing anything? I do not think so. But the question is to try and put these self-same passions to good use."

"Mediocrity in its simplest signification I do not despise at all.
And one certainly does not rise above that mark by despising what is mediocre.
But what you say about hard work is entirely right."

Monday, July 07, 2008


... is he who has many dreams.
... is he who can fulfill his dreams.
... is he who knows which dreams will bring true happiness.
... ?