Friday, February 27, 2009


what was the pub doing in my dreams months ago?

the shadows played on your face last night, i'm sorry if i stared
flies never seemed more fascinating

it just fits so well
is it because i decided it would?

living in the moment never felt so good.
i almost feel guilty ;)

Monday, February 23, 2009

i'll be seeing you

between your snowdrops and my cherry blossoms
the brown packets carry colored ribbons
on the airwaves between

Monday, February 16, 2009


even 10 years after posing the initial question, it is nowhere nearer to being answered
what if we only produced and consumed what we needed?
what if profit was not aimed to improve year on year, if rather the aim was equilibrium?
utopia, a viable alternative to socialism, or total collapse (would anything follow)

a partial answer seemed to come from socio-biology
consumption is in part tied to status, and if we are anything like chimps, this is very fundamental to our hard wiring. then again, we are also tied to bonobos. why chose the more aggressive of two options to represent our "nature", when in fact we are a species of our own and (hopefully still) evolving?

but perhaps there is no middle ground and a barter economy in necessity means a much crueler way of being. perhaps our softness and kindness is only such because we have been afforded its luxury. my personal tolerance for aggressiveness and power games is still low, but it is a stark judgment on those who fought through to come out on the other end...
... but then kinder people have been through worse.
have we been out of equilibrium for so long that we just can't get on the tetter-totter any more
or is it just in our nature to be greedy?
and yet there is the persistence that there has got to be another way of being.
not one that idolizes simplicity and austerity, but that somehow manages to give these elements respect if this is part of the formula.

still more questions than answers...

nutshell - i'd like to hear if you've got any more thoughts on work following our treck on the snowed dunes. i want to hear what thoughts are being generated and how people are dreaming. if only for some respite.

At 25.2.09, Anonymous nutshell-kitten said...

this is not exactly a 'one word answer' type question.

but i'm thinkin about it and hope you're well.



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Thursday, February 12, 2009

current reading

On time and continuity

Los hechos graves están fuera del tiempo, ya porque en ellos el pasado inmediato queda como tronchado del porvenir, ya porque no parecen consecutivas las partes que los forman.

Borges (Emma Zunz)

(My translation: Serious things are disconnected/free of from time, either because the immediate past stays separate from the future, or because the events that they form do not seem to follow from each other)

Sunday, February 08, 2009

sometimes i miss who we were then
i didn't realize i had changed so much
maybe you were meant to remind me
and maybe i just read too much into it

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

global tribe

i would never have guessed which ones would have stayed
or which ones suddenly would reappear now in such a time of change
i only know that this is so because it fits
just as some people no longer, or never did, fit

change always taught me humility
but this time i am immensly thankful for my global tribe
this time i am not moving alone

At 9.3.09, Anonymous Tris said...

As a global nomad myself this thought you've articulated really rings true- moving on and watching who stays in your life, who drops out, and who comes back in when you least expect it. It's the balance of pain, dissapointment and joy that punctuates this rather ethereal existence...


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