Thursday, April 19, 2012

Golden rule

If you wake up unhappy too many mornings in a row, it's time for a change.
Life is too short to be unhappy. On this, there is a lot to loose by compromising.

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At 24.8.17, Blogger The Nature of Beauty said...

so true we should be the change we want 2 see in the world

At 24.8.17, Blogger The Nature of Beauty said...

so true we should be the change we want 2 see in the world


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El relación fue por fin muy complicado, tanto como lo amaba
... intente a arreglar las cosas rotas, en el, en mi mismo. Intente a
ver el mundo como el, pregunte si un parte fue mi culpa, y si estuve
exigiendo demasiado. Pero acabe mas triste, menos entendida, y
sobretodo, mas rota.
Supongo que el amor aveces es así, que dos partes dan todo que pueden
pero se no va. Pero como he intentado todo, como le he dado tanto
oportunidades, me siento también en paz. No hay que forzar las cosas,
ante todo en el amor.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

love and truth

True support has two distinct aspects intertwined; love through the expression of gentleness and truth in the expression of realness. When we love without truth, we relate to others from the surface of ourselves, often in order not to make 'waves'. On the other hand, when we only relate from truth it tends to create a feeling of distance tainted with judgment and limitation.
Weaving gentleness and realness together brings about balance in our lives with others. Sometimes support calls for loving someone in a way that gives them what they feel they need…empathy, help, affection, or affirmation. Sometimes support needs to be for who they are inside as a soul and takes the form of confronting unconscious behavior, setting limits, saying no, or requiring accountability for words or actions.

Angel of February: Support

Sunday, November 07, 2010

rest or fun

in growing up the schedule fills up
with work
with social obligations

my calender has been so crammed with fun
but what i really want for christmas
is a little bit of rest

At 31.1.11, Blogger onespring said...

Rest would be nice. Hopefully you found some. *hugs* Ken


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great people

you know. the ones that went down in history
they gave up so much
they dedicated themselves wholeheartedly
they built things stone by stone
but there is no element of mystery or impossible
in what they did
just hard cold steady determination
and perhaps timing

(finished Ghandi's memoires and halfway through Mandelas)

Friday, July 02, 2010

eroding barriers

some of us run
some of us fight

sometimes it takes courage
to stand your ground
and chip away at the barriers
stroke, by gentle stroke...

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Strong bonding between people means engaging over time their differences.
Richard Sennett in The Corrosion of Character

At 24.2.10, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Samma Ajiva, the right livelihood

(in so many other ways, but also)
to be young enough to be able to make the choice
and wise enough to know which path to choose

funny how the philosophical meanderings can become such concrete options sometimes.

At 31.1.10, Blogger 肚子 said...

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Being a global nomad

... it took me 6 months to buy plates, and only because it bothered someone i was dating that we were eating out of bowls.
... i might never buy curtains
... football/hockey/baseball teams etc? *shrug*
... for every purchase there is always the counter question of whether i would bring it along for the next move
... my sugar is still kept in an asparagus jar
... i normally have 4 kinds of teas and two kinds of coffees, for guests as much as myself because it makes me feel at home
... i don't want to do the goodbyes again, but that is no doubt the nature of the beast....

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

stay or leave

If you put everything into something, and it doesn't grow then you need to leave.
But it has to be wholehearted.
The hard thing is the time aspect... and how much it has to grow.
But if you give everything then you know for sure when enough is enough